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“BACH Barefoot” holds the most beautiful, sensitive and powerful organ music imaginable. It is played by Norwegian organist Magne Orvik on some of the finest organs in the world. 

The full package includes a 32GB USB-card with Full HD-video and high-quality sound performances accompanied with an 92-page book with detailed description as well as two audio CD’s with music. 

Magne Orvik explains and shows how he interprets the music, and what is it about playing with shoes or barefoot?  

Magne Orvik combines technical control with musical sensitivity and is truly a master of multitasking. 
The focus is primarily on Bach's four major toccatas and they are all completely different and require different approaches. Many organists play these pieces fast and strong. But it is not ideal and they do not profit from being drowned in sound and technique. 


By compiling them in one big cycle, they appear as a grand symphony with varying rates. For Magne Orvik the articulation and clarity has been important, so that the richness of detail emerges. 

This package also includes some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s incomparable chorale preludes. And as a bonus, a couple of Magne Orvik’s own compositions are added as an homage to the great master. 

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Magne Orvik, born 1943, is a Norwegian organist and conductor.

He studied organ at the Music Conservatory in Oslo, Norway
where he completed an organist and cantor examination.

This was subsequently supplemented with a music teacher
education at The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH).


In addition to theoretical subjects, he also continued studied piano.

Orvik has received scholarships and had longer studies in Copenhagen and London.

His main service was as a cantor at the Trinity Church (Trefoldighetskirken) in Oslo,
where he, besides his work at the organ, was in charge of performances of
Bach's St. Matthew Passion, Mozart's Requiem and many others.


Apart from concerts as a solo organist, Orvik has appeared in Norwegian National Radio and Television and has released recordings with both organ and choral music.

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BACH Barefoot 

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